As Needed - Emotions

  • Fear of Change

    This program will help reduce your fear and anxiety of change. If you resist change, doing these tapping rounds will reduce the intensity of the feelings.

  • Reducing Anger

    If you are feeling angry or mad, this program will help you reduce the intensity of this emotion. You can do this EZtapping program any time you feel angry or mad.

  • Reducing Hopeless Feelings

    If you are feeling hopeless, this program will help you reduce the intensity of this emotion. You can do this EZtapping program any time you feel hopeless.

  • Feelings of Depression

    When you are in the moment of depression, you don't feel like doing anything and that can stop you from healing. This EZtapping program provides some release of feeling depression and can be used when the feelings of depression overwhelm you.

  • Reducing Sadness

    If you are feeling sad, this program will help you reduce the intensity of this emotion. You can do this EZtapping program any time you feel sad.

  • Reducing Fear

    If you are feeling scared or fearful, this program will help you reduce the intensity of this emotion. You can do this EZtapping program any time you feel afraid or scared.

  • Caregiver Stress

    If you are a caregiver and working in a stressful or crisis situation, this program will help reduce the stress.

  • Upset and Don’t Know What to Tap On?

    Sometimes we’re upset, but not sure why. That’s a good time to Tap on that very simple truth! After a couple of rounds of Tapping, you’ll want to check in on that uncertainty. Let’s get Tapping.

  • Worthy/deserving/good enough

    If you don't feel worthy/deserving/good enough, this EZtapping program will help reduce those limiting beliefs and help shift them.

  • Afraid to Leave an Unhealthy Relationship

    If you are in an unhealthy relationship and afraid to leave, this tapping program will help you feel grounded in your feelings so you can make a good decision for yourself.

  • Breakup Heartbreak

    If you have broken up with someone and feel heartbroken, this program will help reduce the pain, the sadness and grief from that breakup.

As Needed - General

  • Getting Lost

    If you are worried about getting lost, it can make you not want to go places. This program helps reduce the anxiety about getting lost.

  • Empty Nest Mom

    Many parents especially moms get stressed and uncomfortable when their kids leave home. It's the empty next syndrome. If that is where you are at with your life, this program will help you.

  • Stage Fright

    If you are an actor and suffer from stage fright, it can be debilitating. This program can help you reduce the feelings of anxiety and become calm and relaxed about going on stage.

  • Procrastination

    When one procrastinates, one is usually overwhelmed or ends up beating himself/herself up over it. This program helps release the blocks in one's mind in relation to procrastination, opening up ways to take action with calm and ease.

  • Audition Anxiety

    Preparing for an audition can be nerve-wracking and the jitters can impact your performance. This EZtapping program helps reduce the anxiety and anticipation and prepare you for a successful audition.

  • Writing Blocks

    This tapping program is to help writers continue their writing creativity and help release any blocks or limitations around writing.

As Needed - Health

  • Doubt about Quitting Smoking

    Making the decision and commitment to quit smoking can be difficult with all the limiting beliefs associated with smoking. This EZtapping program helps you to shift these beliefs allowing you to quit smoking with ease and confidence.

  • Reducing Food Cravings

    We crave foods that are not good for us for both physical and emotional reasons. Whenever you have a craving, this in the moment program will help you reduce your food cravings.

  • Urge to Smoke

    If you are trying to quit smoking, this program can help reduce the urge.

  • Coping with Cancer

    Having cancer doesn`t have be full of fear and uncertainty. EZtapping for Coping with Cancer helps you move towards healing. It helps you accept the disbelief that you have cancer.

  • Holiday Eating

    If you usally overeat during the holidays, this program will help you make healthier choices and keep focused so you don't overeat during the holiday season and gain unwanted weight.

  • Fertility

    If you are trying to get pregnant and have difficulties, this program can help you be calmer and less stressed about getting pregnant and help "allow" it to happen.

  • Sciatica Pain

    This program is designed for people with sciatica and to help use tapping to reduce the pain.

  • Releasing Cravings for Cigarettes

    This program helps reduce cravings for cigarettes and can be used in the moment when you have the cravings. Tapping helps reduce intensity of the cravings.

  • Relieving TMJ

    Symptoms of TMJ disorders include headache, ear pain, dizziness, and fullness or ringing in the ear. EZtapping is a program that can help reduce these symptoms.

Body Health - 30 Days

  • Ideal Body Image

    Your beliefs and perceptions are directly related to your body image. Having a positive body image helps you achieve your ideal body weight and health. This program helps change the beliefs.

  • Releasing Unhealthy Weight

    This program goes deep into your relationship with food and your relationship with your body to help create a positive relationship for you to "listen" to what your body wants and needs to create your healthy weight.

Prosperity - 30 Days

  • Saying Yes to Prosperity

    Do you want abundance and prosperity in your life, yet it seems to always be out of reach? This program will help you release old beliefs around prosperity that are keeping you from the prosperity that you are seeking.

  • Entrepreneur Limiting Beliefs

    If you have limiting beliefs about being an entrepreneur, feel overwhelmed, or fear about standing out, these daily tapping programs help create the shifting perception about being an entrepreneur.

  • Networking and Sales

    This EZtapping program helps entrepreneurs discover and shift their subconscious limiting beliefs around networking and sales. Turning fear and worry to excitement and "I can't wait to start", networking, increasing prices, sales. etc.

Self - 30 Days

  • Finding your Authentic Self

    Living your authentic self is living in the moment, living in peace and fully being who you are. This program helps overcome the limiting beliefs and fears that stop you from being your authentic self.

Well Being - 30 Days

  • Handling Daily Stress

    Daily stress can have a profound effect on your body, mind and spirit, this daily tapping will help you release stress, feel calmer and handle the daily activities of your life.

  • Insomnia

    Insomnia can be debilitating. It impacts you physically, mentally and emotionally. This tapping program helps get to the underlying issues that stop you from sleeping, lower your cortisol levels and help you get a good night's sleep.

  • Reducing Anxiety

    If you feel anxiety, this program will help you reduce the feelings and start shifting some of the limiting beliefs that keep you stuck in a pattern of anxiety.

  • Say Goodbye to your Chronic Pain

    If you have chronic pain, it can be debilitating and impact all parts of your life. This tapping program helps release the physical pain and the blocked emotions that trap you in chronic pain.